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May 27-29, 2019, China electrical equipment industry association branch of heat shrinkable two of the four meetings held in dalian smoothly, meeting sponsored by the China electrical equipment industry association branch of heat shrinkable products, dalian for both science and technology in collaboration with the new material co., LTD.
The 33rd international plastic rubber industry exhibition in China, on May 21-24, 2019 in guangzhou, China. Pazhou. China import and export commodities fair was held at the pavilion, both flame retardant (booth no. 13.2 P01) were invited to exhibitors.
April 25, 2019 metal composite material branch (hereinafter referred to as the branch) managing director meeting successfully in changsha, from metal composite material industry hundred delegates attended the meeting, aluminous model board, aluminum veneer, new products, raw materials, equipment and related media and other fields.

Wire and cable manufacturing and most of the mode of production of mechanical and electronic products are completely different. Will usually adopt another piece of mechanical and electronic products assembly into parts, multiple parts and assembly into a single product, the product by the Numbers or quantity of measurement. Wire and cable was based on the length of the basic unit of measurement. All is from conductor wire and cable processing begins, the outside of the conductor layer by layer and insulation, shielding, cabling, security layer, etc., made of wire and cable products. The more the more complex the product structure, the level of the stack.
Wollastonite is a kind of calcium silicate minerals, with a needle, fibrous crystal morphology and high whiteness and unique physical and chemical properties, are widely used in ceramic, paint coating, plastic, rubber, metallurgy, chemical industry, paper making, welding electrode and slag as asbestos substitute, abrasive binder, glass and cement ingredients, etc.
Halogen-free flame retardant appear to make more products can be flame retardant, today we practice in the development of halogen-free flame retardant foreign introduction, better to plan for the future planning and situation, here is the detailed content.
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