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Management Team
Management Team

The speech

By the Chief Executive


     The reasons that YATAI Flame Retardant Sprung up from the fierce market competition and established a good reputation as well as outstanding achievements include the company’s right business strategy and an honorable group composed of excellent management talents and skilled talents.  

     The goals of YATAI Flame Retardant are to provide the best service and product for clients and become one of the best enterprises. YATAI Flame Retardant needs every employee to work with team spirit, encourage each other, and work hard to meet our standards and strengthen our competitiveness. 

     Excellent staff is the most valuable assets of our company. Thus, we hope every staff has serious responsibility and help the company to succeed. During the process, the company tries to provide a favorable working atmosphere and wide stage for development. As a member of YATAI, you should advance actively, continuously to create innovation, and be commitment to meet the challenge together.

     May you achieve success in YATAI Flame Retardant


                                     The Chief Executive: Zhongxiang, Sun

                                                     Yours sincerely

YATAI Leaders

Be value model

Permeate and spread the enterprise culture of the company, and win the trust of the staff

Cooperate positively with other departments or personneland good at achieving their goals through teamwork

Have a strong sense of responsibility, and positively face pressure and difficulties, persist, never give up

Genial and understanding to the staff, have sincere communication with the staff.

Lay stress on implement

Act decisively but never overreact

Good at solving crisis and unfavorable situation

Set the priority of different work, and make sure to accomplish

Have a clear target, clear division of work and clear responsibility.

Pay attention to the needs of clients

Understand the needs of clients, and feed back rapidly and in time

Never make empty promisesand take action positively

Share appropriate information with clients

Fully understand the business operation of clients, and build a cooperative partner relation with clients.

Improve professional ability

Understand the advanced technology and development tendency of the industry

Pay attention to not only the technical capacity of the staff, but also to their understanding situation of the company’s business

Seek for and encourage new, different opinionsand create convenient conditions for implementing them

Share knowledge and information with colleagues.

Pay attention to the development of the staff

Strict with subordinatesand care about their work, study and development

Do well in listening to the different opinions of the staffencouraging them to express their ideasand adopting the right ones

Evaluate the staff fairly and franklyand can list the evaluation basis

Help the staff to make individual goalsand provide performance guidance to the staff and feedback.

YATAI staff

Lay stress on conductlove the team, love the company and love myself

Keep personal work agree with the overall goal of the team

Communicate with team members actively, and feed back positively

Stress “us” but not “I” before achievements.

Stay focused on clients

Contact with clients activelyand confirm their needs

Pay attention to clients needstry the best to solve difficulties for clients

Respond in time and proactively to clients’ requirements

Share appropriate information with clients.

Learn fast and share knowledge

Proactively seek for various approaches and methods to improve professional skills

Be a active learner and adjust to the requirements of new positions and new work

Get to know and track the advanced technology and development tendency actively

Be delighted to learn with each otherand share experience and information.

Keep on innovation

Be able to present new ideas and approaches on the basis of the existing work

Good at finding problems and try to solve them

Be delighted to accept suggestions from othersimprove own work

Respect the achievements of othersand achieve work goals on the basis of recycling.
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