ADD:27th floor of Building 2, Zhongshan Road 588-3, Dalian
TEL:0411-82659500 15140474120
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Brand of YATAI

Brand Orientation:
The pioneer of Environmentally friendly flame retardant industrial chain.

Brand Allegation:
Dedicate to environment protection and safety, lead the flame retardant industry.

Brand Vision
To create the carrier in Environmentally friendly flame retardant industry.

Brand Spirit:The Carrier spirit

YATAI nowadays is a young enterprise full of energy and vitality.


YATAI nowadays has become our nation’s “YATAI” and will be the world’s “YATAI” since we have high ambitions and decide not to go with the flow.


YATAI nowadays is facing up with the global economization. People of YATAI size up the situation, exert fully its advantages of Capital Management, resource allocation, technical innovation and market development to overcome all the difficulties and build it up…


YATAI nowadays, like a carrier braving winds and waves, is setting sails with a new attitude; With wisdom and courage, YATAI paints its ceaselessly scroll with imperishable noble spirit.


YATAI nowadays, like a round of the rising sun, is showing dazzling light in the cool breeze in the morning. The life of YATAI is under proceeding, is burning. With a kind of strength and persistence, people of YATAI are creating the forceful resounding cantos!


YATAI nowadays is in the hands of YATAI people; YATAI tomorrow will in the rising sun from the east.

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