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Magnesium hydroxide precipitation process is of great importance

Magnesium hydroxide magnesium action of a kind of inorganic compounds, use is exceptionally large, synchronic magnesium hydroxide consumption of magnesium oxide still a crucial this material, more is the action of inorganic resistance burning agent, of its high temperature compare to grasp, grasp after materials with no toxic and corruption happens, face by each area.

And Magnesium hydroxide remuneration shine burning agent adds to meet, meet its dispersed particle size and purity for instinct is has a great effect, the consumption of magnesium hydroxide resistance burning agent put aside temporarily method have some match a brief way, such as: accumulation method, hydrothermal hair, etc.
In the industrialization of the nature of consumption, to adopt the most general way a rectangular accumulation method and hydrothermal method, if want to consumption of high quality and special product description of magnesium hydroxide, often need to joint with each other using the two kinds of way, talented enough to have very good efficacy.

Accumulation of Magnesium hydroxide rectangular decisions on the quality of the product, after the water boiled water treated so held with magnesium hydroxide accumulation process research has the crucial meaning.

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