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Reduce environmental temperature of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant
We all know, the onset of a fire, endanger the biggest is many smoke fire attack, and the influence of the temperature of burning on the surrounding environment, these two kinds of hazard perhaps industry lost to the person directly, the application of flame retardants, and other products, at the time of fire attack, play must be bound.

Magnesium hydroxide heated water, absorbs the latent heat of many together, and then inhibit polymer temperature rise, after its hot differentiation and burning velocity, it's fall in practice to accept the temperature of the resin in the fire, can inhibit polymer differentiation and the cooling effect of combustible gas attack. Differentiation excellence is generated after magnesium oxide refractory materials, the detection of oxygen supply, block activity of combustible gas, help resin resist flame talent, marching and magnesium hydroxide thermal differentiation temperature as high as 340 ℃, and its flame retardant magnesium hydroxide as fire retardant function is very superior.
Magnesium hydroxide is present in medium filling thicker carbon oxide layer. The formation of carbonized layer, blocking access to the heat and oxygen and combustible gas escape, dewater diluted, endothermic cooling reflect a larger effect, to magnesium hydroxide decreased initial oxidation temperature differentiation. And become larger with the increase of the amount of loss. Also produce magnesium oxide make excellent refractory covered in polymer appearance. Also can travel polymer resist the genius of the flame.
Magnesium hydroxide is the company first produces a chemical primary used in the production of flame retardant, it is no good but stored in its will be affected with damp be affected with damp such as questions, so for how to store? Here introduce our storage method of magnesium hydroxide.
1. The environment is the foundation. It is necessary to adhere to the storage environment monotonous and drafty, together to put a layer of plastic film between the product and the ground to block the water vapor.
2. Good sealing packing. Used to turn to in a timely manner the sealing.
3. After stacking place lime piece of moistureproof, this is another method to avoid moisture absorption and avoid falling activity of magnesium oxide.
4. Because the calcium oxide has more strong suction wet sex, calcium oxide is placed inside the warehouse, as a falling tide agent, to drop the humidity of warehouse, very useful.
5. Magnesium hydroxide are shelf life. So don't be a one-time piled up too much of a volume, because even if good moistureproof method, in the future for a long time, magnesium hydroxide are inevitably change.

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